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Who Are wE?

One Lev in Hebrew means One Heart, and Lev in Russian means Lion.

It is an honor to bring glory to our King who is Lion of Judah!

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The combined group includes Ilan Gorny, born and raised in Haifa and a son of Romanian Holocaust survivors. He has been playing drums since a teenager.


His wife, Lori Kate Lowenhar, a dual citizen; hailing from Elkhart, Indiana has been living in Israel for 20 years. Her musical gifts include playing the clarinet, flute, saxophone and piano.


Also included in this dynamic trio is Mikhail Bogdanov Monkevich from St. Petersburg, Russia; a talented artist and an accomplished composer. 

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One can hear a diversity of sounds with Soul, Gospel, Light Blues, Bossa-Nova but with a Middle-Eastern vibe. One Lev continues to share their music with hundreds of audiences internationally bringing their unique sound of Israeli worship to nations all around the world; such as America, England, Italy, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Czech-Republic, and Finland.


One Lev's CD was published April 2018. They have recorded their music all across the globe between Nashville, Tennessee to Amersfoort, Netherlands, and Tiberias, Israel!   

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