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Heart to heart

Psalm 31:24 "Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord."

Ministry opportunity with Lori

Heart to Heart - Bringing Women Together

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"If  someone had asked me after graduating from university whether I would consider living in a foreign country, my immediate and definitive answer would have been “NO!” 

Little did I know the journey God was preparing me for! Growing up in Northern Indiana with a Jewish father and a Gentile mother made for an interesting experience.

I fondly remember going to my Babushka (grandmother) for a kosher Shabbat dinner on Friday and then attending church with my other grandparents on Sunday.

At eight years old, I invited Yeshua (Jesus) into my heart, recognizing Him as the Jewish Messiah who could save me and fill the void in my heart — that pivotal moment marked the beginning of my spiritual journey, which continues to unfold in incredible ways every day.

Music also played a vital role in my family’s life during my childhood. My younger sister and I learned to play instruments at home and in school; I studied the clarinet and piano. As I achieved each musical milestone, my love for music grew stronger. This passion ultimately led me to pursue a degree in music education at Cedarville University, with the goal of inspiring and teaching the next generation of musicians.

After graduating from university, I spent two years traveling with “The Liberated Wailing Wall,” a musical mobile evangelistic team. My parents had always encouraged me to travel the world before settling down, and those years of music and evangelistic training were a season of preparation for what was to come: living in a foreign country, speaking a different language, and raising a family in Israel, God’s Holy Land.

I made my first trip to Israel in December 1996 and felt an immediate and profound connection to the Land during my three-month stay. This connection continued to grow even after I returned home, and by my third trip, I knew Israel would be my permanent home. In 1998, I took a giant leap of faith and moved across the world, solidifying my commitment by becoming an Israeli citizen and getting married! However, absorbing into the “Land of Milk and Honey” was not a smooth transition. I faced many challenges and experienced a significant culture shock. Nonetheless, relying on the strength of the Lord proved to be the driving force that kept me going. In the early years of my life in Israel, I lived in the North, close to the Lebanese border, where we regularly heard rocket explosions. I was eight months pregnant with my firstborn when the Israeli army pulled out of Lebanon, and I remember how terrifying it was to run to the bomb shelter down the road when the sirens went off.

In 2006, I was a single mother with two young sons when we had to flee the Galilee during another war. Overwhelmed with fear, I was brought to my knees and experienced the Lord’s provision as He sheltered us with His wings and provided safe refuge in Netanya until the war’s end.

Though Israel faces regular attacks, we have a God who is mightier than anything and anyone! Knowing God is in control has allowed me to let go of fear and become devoted to sharing accurate news from Israel so those watching from afar can understand what is really going on in the Holy Land, despite what news outlets broadcast. By allowing the Lord to establish the work of my hands, my life in Israel has blossomed!

Beyond being a full-time wife to my husband Ilan and mother to our blended family, I am a sought-after music teacher in the Jezreel Valley and a member of the international music ministry, One Lev (One Heart), which Ilan and I founded in 2016.

Living in Israel is an undeniable privilege, and I am incredibly grateful for the countless blessings the Lord has bestowed upon me here. As a result, I am eager to share what the Lord is doing in my life and the Holy Land with everyone I meet. Whether through music or speaking, my goal is to spread the love of God and the truth of Israel to as many people as possible! Yearly, I return to the States to visit my family and speak in women’s groups to encourage and inspire women to dream big, hope unashamedly, seek God fervently, and desire His input in all aspects of their lives. Seeing women empowered and strengthened by the love and hope of our Savior, Yeshua, brings me incredible joy!

A few personal words:

If you are interested in having a dynamic and engaging speaker at your next event, please contact me at to schedule a speaking engagement. Let’s ignite a fire of faith and passion for God and Israel together!

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