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Alon Tamir








Alon Tamir contributes his musical talent and expertise and partners with One Lev inside Israel. He helped with the finishing touches on One Lev's first album. He is the owner of Beit Ha Yetzira Studios in Kibbutz Ashdot Ya'acov. 

Alon Tamir's music:

Alon Tamir's email:

Sakhnini brothers from Nazareth

The Sakhnini brothers are partnering with One Lev in Israel. It is a privilege to serve alongside with them and are grateful for their creative talent on piano and oud. They are sharing their hearts and their talents for reaching the Middle East with songs in Arabic. They want their music to reach Islamic countries like Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Egypt with the Gospel—and of course our own several million Muslims living under Israel’s sovereignty.

Sakhnini Brothers Facebook:

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